Summer Wedding Season for DJ’s !

The Okanagan hosts some of the best Weddings in the Country !

IMG_0486Wedding at Eldorado - 2


With dozens of wineries ready willing and able to host your special wedding, the choices are vast, and sometimes becomes a daunting task just to choose the locations. With a setting as beautiful as a winery you can have the ceremony and the reception in the same place. Less travelling, more locations on site for photographs and guest activities. Wineries usually boast a top notch catering facility as well, and the larger more popular venues can easily accommodate hundreds of guests.

Your DJ is most important at this type of event. Having all your music queued a ready to spin at the call of the Bride (or Wedding Party), playing just the right styles of music during dinner, and lighting up the floor with happy dancers, partiers and well wishers ! Choose your music company wisely as future memories will depend on it.

Let’s all get ready for the season ….. Here it Comes !

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