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Okanagan Venues to Host ‘Vinyl Night’

A new style of DJ performances are sweeping the Okanagan.

Soon you will see Tri-Vina posterspecial nights devoted to playing Vinyl Records, just like the old days, popping up at a pub or venue near you. Larger Than Life Entertainment has just such a night available combined with Music Trivia !!

Great Music Old or New can be heard on the warm sound of Vinyl again !! Digital music is a wonderful way to share and store music but there’s no escaping the full, rich sound of Vinyl records. Our DJ’s are specially trained to be the best at delivering your music, just the way you like it !!

Event goers can bring their favorite vinyl to the show, or contact us in advance with their selections. We will build a Trivia show specially for the night based on the music requested. Of course we may not be able to play all the requests but those who do bring music that is unique, uplifting and has some great trivia moments involved in the music, will be pleasantly surprised !!

We can’t let the cat out of the bag just yet, but stay posted by leaving us a reply of comment to this post. We will inform all subscribers of the upcoming shows !!

2015 will be a great year for Music, Entertainment & Fun !

Hope to see you all there !!

Welcome My Friends – To The Show That Never Ends !


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